Accomplish Everything You Desire

Silva UltraMind Control is a tool that you can use to help you accomplish anything you desire.  Jose Silva’s research into how the human brain and mind function has given us a very precise definition of “positive thinking.”  Simply stated, a positive mental attitude is thinking about what you want, rather than what you don’t want.

More importantly, Jose has devised specific techniques that you can use to develop a positive mental attitude and maintain it when things go wrong for you.  In the 16-hour Silva UltraMind Seminar, attendees learn how to function consciously at the “alpha level” in just a few hours.  The “alpha level” refers to brain waves at 7 – 14 cycles per second versus “beta level” where the brain waves function at 14 – 21 cycles per second.   You can learn the method on your own – but 40 years of experience has shown that a two-day class is the equivalent to 40 days of practicing on your own.

These techniques are not new — Jose Silva began his research in the 1940s and made it available to the public in the 1960s.  Silva’s work has influenced many well-known individuals such as Shakti Gawain (founder of Creative Visualization), cancer researcher Dr. O. Carl Simenton, and Dr. Dwayne Dwyer.  Researchers have concluded that what makes the Silva Method work is that it teaches individuals to think in a state of relaxation and while in this state – to utilize techniques to accomplish fixed goals.

At the alpha level, you can use both brain hemispheres to think instead of just one.  At beta, you think with just the left half of your brain – which is specialized for certain tasks: talking, reasoning, using logic, or examining details.  Most people use the weakest, least stable brain frequency to do their thinking: the beta level.

To function successfully at the alpha level, you must learn to do two things:
1. To produce alpha brain waves with consciousness awareness – reach the alpha level without falling asleep.
2. To become mentally active – analyze problems and come up with solutions – while remaining at the alpha level.

At alpha, you can think with either your left or right brain hemispheres.  And the right brain is more intuitive – more creative.

Most of us have flashes of intuition.  The phone rings and you know who is calling.  You guess what someone is going she says it or you guess what she is going to do before she does it.  Methods developed by Jose Silva can help you further develop your natural intuitive abilities on in order to perform better in every area of your life – for better health, success, and happiness.

Each Silva UltraMind Seminar lasts two days and consists of discussion, guided exercises (similar to guided meditation), and casework.  Class sizes are small (approx 15) so that each participant gets personal attention from the instructor.

The seminar starts with an introduction to Jose Silva’s methods and a description of the different levels of mind and a guided exercise into the alpha level of mind.  This is followed by a discussion of Jose Silva’s principles on visualization and enhancing intuition and a guided “projection” exercise in alpha to enhance your visualization and imagination.


Following the lunch break is a centering exercise and instruction on the UltraMind Mental Video Technique: a technique that you can use to get guidance from Higher Intelligence to better help you make important decisions.  This is followed by a guided exercise in which you study and observe objects using all your physical senses.  This powerful exercise is designed to enhance your ability to use your imagination and visualization.  The first day ends with a centering exercise.


The second day starts with a projection exercise into a living thing – plants and leaves, followed by a centering exercise.  After the lunch break, there is another projection exercise – this time into a living creature, such as a dog or cat.  These exercises are training you to perceive with just using your imagination.


This is followed by learning the second Silva UltraMind Technique – the Three Scenes Technique.  This technique is used for manifesting coincidence, healing, kicking habits, or attracting things into your life.  You will learn the difference between the Mental Video Technique and the Three Scenes Technique and when to apply each.  The final centering exercise is now performed.  At this point, you are able to reach the alpha level within minutes.  The final exercise for the seminar is projection into a living human where you project your awareness into a loved one and learn how to detect abnormalities and to provide mental healing.

The seminar ends with a group session called case working, where you are given the name, age and location of someone unknown to you and you attempt to bring this person into your mind and describe their emotions, physical state, and life.  Before you leave the course, you will have the opportunity casework at least 10 problem cases, to verify that you can project your mind and detect information that is not available to your physical senses, and verify that you are accurate and correct.

With a two-week advance registration, Wise Women bringing a guest receive a two-for-one course price (offer valid thru April 2009).  For additional information, price discounts, and scholarships, please contact me at Lori.SilvaCourses@  Additional scheduling information and a free online class can be found at