Gluten Free Bread Recipes for the Oven

Having a gluten intolerance or allergy can be incredibly frustrating and inconvenient. But despite what many people think having a gluten allergy does not mean that bread and baked goods are off limits to you. Many people that discover or develop a gluten allergy feel that they are missing out on a big part of […]

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables in Meals

When most people plan a meal they think of the meat first. Only afterwards are other foods considered. Yet one of the best ways to fill an empty tummy and satisfy hunger without feeling over full is to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. The tastiest vegetables and fruit are fresh and there is no […]

General Tips and Principles for Cooking Chinese Food

Chinese cuisine is one of the most popular, loved and well-known of world cuisines today. It is steeped from an ancient legacy of culinary tradition with various principles and ways of cooking and preparing foods as well as whom to serve first. The following tips will provide a general outline on the most important of […]

Garlic Grilled Chicken

Grilled garlic chicken never fails to inject  festivity into an otherwise regular meal, at least in my household. The aroma of garlic and chicken always bring to mind happy memories of barbecues, parties and gatherings. Even for the inexperienced cook, the method of preparation is straight forward and demands very little ingredients. It is also […]

Foods for Reducing Stress

What is comfort food? Why do we cherish it, rely on it and need it so? Science attempts to explain our need for comfort food as a chemical reaction in the brain. The brain releases certain “feel good” hormones into the body to compensate for all the different negative feelings that overwhelm us in every […]

Funnel Cake Recipie

How many times have you gone to a fair or carnival and paid way to much for that yummy smelling, funnel cake? Now you don’t have to, because with this recipe you can make your own! This is a tried and true recipe that has been used for years now and it is simple to […]

Food Items that Float for Halloween Cut out Fun

Catering for Halloween parties requires coming up with some gory gourmet ideas. Whether hosting a party for hoards of children, or planning a family gathering, planning some floating food will insure you have a creative culinary Halloween. There are many options for floating food for both main courses, desserts as well as drinks. To keep […]

Family Recipes Passed down

This is my favorite holiday drink for the family. 1 part Cranberry juice (1 quart)1 part Apple juice (1 quart)3 Oranges sliced in half2 Cinnamon sticks Place the juice in a large stock bring to a boil, slice the oranges and squeeze the juice into the pot and place the oranges into the pot also, […]