Cake Recipes

‘SIMNEL CAKE’ is a very old English treat. Making it, has become a tradition especially for Easter. There are some regional differences around the country, but they are all pretty similair. They have all been passed down through families, from one generation to the next over many years. The Simnel cake is a true Easter […]

Bread Bowl Baking

Bread bowls are fun and a unique way to serve soups, dips, salads and so much more.  These are great to serve main dish meals that are stews or soups in, and can be festive for guests when preparing dips or serving salads.  Making bread bowls really can be quite rewarding and the recipe is […]

Best Kitchen Gadgets

Gadget, meaning a device to be used for a particular purpose. In the kitchen this can mean a drawer full of gadgets, egg separator, peeler, garlic press, and on and on. Young people today think that every time a new gadget comes on the market and if they don’t have one, their kitchen will not […]

Candy Retro Candy Oldfashioned Candy c Andy Store

Candy Our Love Affair With Retro Candy and Where You Can Buy it On Line Retro candy has become a hot commodity. For kids the most pleasurable experiences often involve having a piece of their favorite candy. For me, some of the most memorable times I can recall included the eating of a ‘peanut pattie’, […]

Easy Salad Recipes

In my neck of the woods, it is finally spring again, and that means to me that salads are back on the menu! This is a great time of year to start eating healthy and get ready for bathing suit weather. Here are a few recipes for easy and fresh salads. Fresh Strawberry Salad: This […]

Easy Meals using Spring Ingredients

It is difficult to imagine the relief that people in the past must have felt when early spring crops came into season. After a long winter of heavily salted meats, supplemented by few, if any, vegetables taste buds must have drooled like soft April rains. The lighter fare of spring, with its clean tasting and […]

Drinking Absinthe

So you want to unleash the Green Fairy? You want to dwell in the open mind and heightened sense of being that the Fairy brings. Well you will be one of the millions of people throughout history that have sought out the effects of Absinthe. It was originally created in the eighteenth century by a […]

Drinks that Marry well with Cigars

What are that best drinks to accompany a cigar? Many would advise that you select a beverage depending on the type of cigar that you are smoking. Whether it be a Bolivar, Hoyo de Monterey, Montecristo, Partigas, Rafael Gonzales or other, you need to get the balance of flavors right with whatever you’re drinking. Some […]

Easy Asian Grilled Tofu Salad

Asian Grilled Tofu Salad is an easy, healthy alternative to the boring tossed salad. Even better than a regular broccoli slaw salad is this version with grilled, marinated tofu squares. Tofu is a high in protein and absorbs the flavors around it, making it great marinated and grilled. To start, you will need a carton […]

Drink Recipes how to Prepare Lemonade right

Lemonade is a summer treat, fresh lemonade is a summer treasure! It is fairly simple to make and takes only lemons, water, and sugar. Microwaving the lemons will ensure that you get the most juice possible from them and give you perfect blend. SUMMER’S FINEST FRESH LEMONADE *Ingredients1 cup water1 1/2 cups sugar15-18 lemons5 additional […]